Seizing Power. The Grab For Global Oil Wealth

Seizing Power. The Grab For Global Oil Wealth

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How oil volatility may lead to violence among oil powers The world supply of oil is running out

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As developing countries seek a middle-class existence, their demand for oil grows exponentially, causing oil prices to spiral, turning some into international bullies

In Seizing Power The Grab for Global Oil Wealth, bestselling author Robert Slater Profiles petroaggressors like Russia's Putin, Venezuela's Chavez, and Iran s Ahmadinejad Describes how oil-rich outlaw nations are using a valuable natural resource as a weapon in global politics Warns that, as oil dwindles, these outlaw nations may turn upon one another in the fight for what oil is left Seizing Power clearly explains why oil is potentially toxic to world stability.

Meanwhile, the balance of oil power is shifting away from the United States and the Arab states toward national oil companies NOCs in Russia, China, and some emerging economies in Africa and South America

Until another fuel is found the world risks being at the mercy of these tyrants whose insatiable appetites for higher oil prices heighten competition and spur the threat of violence, domestic as well as global